Bundled Countries

All our Tel2 Plans (excluding Cloud Zero) come with bundled minutes which not only allow you to call UK Landlines but also over 50 countries worldwide. Below is the list of countries that are included in our bundled plans.

NOTE: If not specified as mobile the list refers to landlines only in each country

Andorra Landline
Australia Landline
Brazil Landline
Bulgaria Landline
Canada Landline
Canada Mobile
China Landline
China Mobile
Czech Republic Landline
Denmark Landline
Denmark Mobile
Estonia Mobile
France Landline
Germany Landline
Guadeloupe (French) Landline
Guam Landline
Guiana (French) Landline
Hong Kong Landline
Iceland Landline
India Landline
India Mobile
Ireland (Republic) Landline
Italy Landline
Japan Landline
Korea (Sth) Landline
Korea (Sth) Mobile
Martinique Landline
Mexico Landline
Morocco Landline
New Zealand Landline
Norway Landline
Peru Landline
Poland Landline
Portugal Landline
Puerto Rico Landline
Romania Landline
Romania Mobile
Russia Landline
San Marino Landline
Singapore Landline
Singapore Mobile
Slovak Republic Landline
Slovenia Landline
Spain Landline
Sweden Landline
Switzerland Landline
Taiwan Landline
United Kingdom Landline
USA Landline
USA Mobile
Virgin Islands Landline