Share Tel2 and Save

The quickest way to save more with Tel2 is to get your friends and business associates to join Tel2 too! Because calls between Tel2 customers are free you can make as many calls as you want without spending a penny! The more of your suppliers and customers that use Tel2 the less you will pay for your calling. Spread the word today and start saving.

Spread the word and get referral bonuses

As an added bonus we'll also give you a £5 credit for every person you refer. Just to keep things on an even keel we'll give your friend a £5 credit on their account too. All they have to do is enter your Tel2 account number or phone number as their 'Promotion code' when they sign up and we will apply your credits. The more friends and business partners you get signed up with Tel2 the more credits you'll earn!

How to Spread the Word

Tell your friends, customers and suppliers how much you love Tel2, give them your Tel2 number and when they signup all they need to do is enter it into the Promotion code box - it's that easy.

The fine print:

Free calls are between Tel2 numbers.
Referral credits have no cash value, are not transferable and are non-refundable. Both the referrer and the referee will be credited £5 once the referrees account has been active for one month. Standard Tel2 terms and conditions apply. Tel2 reserve the right to debit these credits from an existing member's account where the referred account is cancelled within 3 months. Where a false referral is discovered Tel2 reserves the right to not pay the referral fee, cancel the referrers account or debit the credit from their account. Please see our partners page if you are a IT vendor or PBX supplier.

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