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Technical settings

Customers with their own SIP enabled phone, gateway or PBX are free to use this to connect to Tel2's service. The device must be SIP v2 compatible. Refer to the settings below for a guide to how you should configure your device to connect to the Tel2 service.

Username/Login/User ID:Your Tel2 Phone Number inc. country code (e.g. 442034567890)
Authorisation Name/Display Name:Your Tel2 Phone Number inc. country code (e.g. 442034567890)
Password:Your Tel2 Password (assigned at signup)
DTMF Mode:rfc2833 (or AVT/out of band)
Default voice codecs:G.711 alaw, G.711 ulaw, G.722, G.729a
Default video codecs:H.264, H.263
SIP Transport:UDP, TCP or TLS (TLS preferred)
SIP port:5060 or 50600 (udp, tcp) or 5061 (tls)
STUN (port 3478)
Firewall Rules:Allow all traffic from (UDP portrange 1024-50000, TCP port 5060 and 5061)

Feature/Star Codes

Many features can be controlled using 'star codes' on your handset. Click here for a full list of available star feature codes.

Voicemail Service

You can check your voicemail from any Tel2 phone line by simply dialing *55 on your handset. If you wish to check your voicemail externally from a non-Tel2 phone then you can dial:

  +44-203-670-9996 (or 0203-670-9996 inside the UK)

You will be prompted for your phone number (which should be in 44xxx format) and then your PIN code. Before you can do this however you will need to assign yourself a PIN number in our customer portal at:

Simply login with your Tel2 phone line and then assign a PIN code in the 'Voicemail PIN number:' field. You can also forward voicemails to an email address and setup other options in this page.

Faxmail Service

Customers can add a fax number to their account, allowing them to send and receive fax messages by email instead of using a physical fax machine. Click here for a guide on how to use our Faxmail service.